my amazing and beautiful friend cumforyourgoodgirl brought me a super duper cute pink ball gag from my amazon wishlist! i cannot thank her enough i LOVE it!! 



Drunks (1995)

what are you like irl? like a real answer, not a one word "i hate myself" type of response. how would you truly describe yourself? I'm interested.

idk. im rarely serious about anything and tend to make light out of any situation I’m in I guess?? I’m also kinda an asshole but I’m not like 100% a dick


psa to my mutuals: if i haven’t reblogged your selfie it’s probably because i didn’t see it and you are more than welcome to be like “hey i posted a selfie wanna reblog it?” because i want you to feel cute and validated and i’m 100% here for making you happy by reblogging your selfie okay

studio day 1 tomorrow


Playing with my lighting in the new cam space. It’s not ready yet but it’s getting there!